Monestro – Estonian (and some finnish) consumer loans with more then 30% yield

Some months ago I started some investments with Monestro . Why haven’t I reported earlier about this platform? Well, that’s easy, there wasn’t much to tell ;). First things first. The marketplace only received its licence for loan intermediation last autumn, so the marketplace is active just for some months now. There are only a few loans and they get funded slowly. Some even don’t reach 100% and nowadays Monestro jumps in and funds the loan. Clearly a sign that investors and borrowers are missing, there is just too few at the moment. So it is great that Monestro helps with funding.

Monestros Vision

Monestro advertises with the more then 25 years of their team’s experience in the field of banking- and financial services. Based on their expert knowledge they would like to offer a lot of different financial services for private clients as well as sme’s. Further they want to become a force in the european loan business. So, the goals (vision) are defined, although somewhat vague in my opionion. Now we should also know how (strategy) they want to achieve their goals. Unfortunately that is not visible on their website. This is no problem, as long they have a plan in mind, what I believe they do. First thing I would make sure when opening a platform is that its functionality is given and all processes are lean and work fine. After that I would go on and check all texts on the page on their accurancy. I will ask them some questions about their strategy in the coming days and hopefully can share theses insights with you in the coming weeks.

Nice to know for investors

Firstly I beginn with investors fees, and if you read my blog regularly you know that I am no fan of investor fees. But in this case they are manageable. A withdrawal is charged with 40 Cent. As I don’t plan to do lots of withdrawals, this is ok with me and I guess it will be free at some point in the future when we have enough investors and borrowers. This was the same with Bondora back in the days. My alltime favorit is that three autoinvests are free and 5 Eurow will be charged for the 4th. Hopefully I will not need more then 3 😉 The Monestro people seem to be very innovativ (ironic). All in all the investor’s fees seem manageable. You can check the fee overview yourself here. Most fees apply only to borrowers.


For registration you need a scanned ID document, which has to be uploaded. Further you need to confirm your email, sign your user agreement online and validate your bank account with a depost. Everything known from other platforms and is done really quickly.

Invest, Yield and Delays

You can chose if you like to invest manually or via autoinvest, or of course do both. At the moment my bids are manual as I like to check the data before bidding. Somewhat tedious is that you have to confirm the manual bids via sms code. Interest rates above 30 percent are tempting, especially for Estonian loans. Usually Estonian loans offered on Estonian marketplaces tend to have good payment moral. This is what I can tell about my investments with a low delay rate. Some loans always pay a little bit late, but catch up in the following days. No loan is delayed for more then 30 days. I am excited to see how this will progress.


The platform needs more investors to fund the loans and of course more borrowers. I will ask the Monestro management some questions to see how they would like to achieve more growth. Until then I will bid the minimum of 10 Euro on loans which I like, which happen to be Estonian loans with high interest rates.

Just post your questions if any arise.