Fixura – p2p Plattform from Finland (since 2010)

Today we stay near the Baltic area, but we are situated Fixura in Finnland. This is the second finnish Platform beside Fellow Finance, which I introduce to you. Fixura was incorporated in 2010 and has originated loans for more then 68 milions of Euro. After defaults and fees (more about that later) the investors historical yield was 10.2 percent, which is okay, but no guarantee that this is achievable for new investors. Investors from all over the European Union and Switzerland are welcome and can register.

I am not in…

I only registered with Fixura but did not deposit any money, which won’t do for the time being. Why? On one side because of the investments fees. Investments for up to 100k cost you 2% (1% after 100k) in fees, plus 0.9% as a transaction charge. Furthermore every withdrawal will cost you additional 4 Euro. This brings us to 2.9 percent in fees which is enough to make me reluctant. By the way, minimum deposit is EUR 1’000.


If you choose to take a closer look of the platform, you need to register. This can be done really quick, and your identification can be uploaded straight away. You need to put in your country of residency as well as your tax residence. Further you need a mobile phone on which you will receive a text with a verfication code. After all information is put in, the support theam will verify and unlock your account. In my case this happened few hours after registration.

How to invest?
Well, I don’t know that 😉 I can only see that the only way seems to be via the autoinvest. I guess one can only configure an AI once a deposit was made. This is too expensive for me to try….

As I said before I will not invest at the moment. It is too uncertain for me due to the fees. Nearly 3 percent of fees first must be achieved. If you take the average historic return of 10.2 percent and add 2.9% of fees, you get a gross yield of 13.1%. This is similiar to my Fellow Finance yield after defaults. I won’t take the risk as I would like to have more control over my investments and less fees.

If someone has experience with Fixura, let me know. I would be glad to receive some info. Maybe I demonize the platform for no reason…..