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Reinvest 24 offers Cashback

There was not a lot going on in recent weeks at Reinvest 24. But this week will be big. A new project is going live, secondary market will be introduced and a cashback campaign is running until March 11. Cashback is applicable to existing and new investors. 0.5% Cashback is paid for total investments from Euro 500 and 1 percent for total investments of 1k. You can spread your investment over all available projects for diversification. Only the total invested amount counts . Follow me to Reinvest24.

Swaper announces ambitious goals

During 2018 Swaper originated loans worth 34 millions Euros, according to them. Despite this impressive number, lots of investors had to deal with cash drag. Swaper now announced that they will originate 54 millions of loans in 2019. The increase of loan supply will be seen this week. Fingers crossed šŸ˜‰

Crowdestor thrives and offers high yields

As announced by Crowdestor some weeks ago, the pipeline of new projects is full. Lots of projects were financed within hours or few days. Mostly the high yielding ones were sold out quickly. On Thursday evening the new project Saapio will go live to get funding for their european expansion.. My gut tells me, that with 18 percent interest rate (which you get from start), this project will be funded within hours. So if you want to participate, send the money early.Follow me to Crowdestor.

Neues Crowdestor Projekt ab Donnerstag Abend 28. Februar 2019

Kuetzal: a new (mostly) high yielding platform

Some weeks ago I discovered this marketplace with this awkward name and I invested for testing purposes. Later this week I will post a review of the platform and let you know why they chose this name. Some facts in advance: Minimal investment 100 Euro, interest accrues from day one. The projects will be financed for sure as the marketplace has credit lines with banks and angel investors. There is a buyback with 10 percent penalty, We know this feature from Envestio for example. Take a look at their projects over here .

This was it for now, stay tuned, more to come this week.

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