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Today I decided to shortly introduce three new platforms to you. Of course, you should have in mind that one blogpost is way too little to describe all three platforms in a detailed way (particularly because I only registered on two of those three during the last days). This is the reason why you will only get a short introduction. A more detailed report will follow during the next days and weeks. So, let’s start:

Reinvest24 – Real Estate among the Baltic States with rental income

I always asked myself why there are no marketplaces in the Baltic States which allow investors to buy real estates and rent them. In Great Britain this kind of model is very common. That is why Reinvest24 is in its basic structures very similar to Property Partner. It is a very young platform and therefore open to investors only for a couple of months. I am already part of a project and received my first rental income previously. Concerning the second project I already placed a bid, but it will take a moment until it is financed completely. I will write a more detailed info blog for this platform during the following days. Before that you should take the chance and look a bit around. Via this link you can directly get to Reinvest24.

Bondster – P2P from Czech Republic with Buyback and Cashback

Like I mentioned before: this is a platform from the Czech Republic where you can invest Czech Crowns and Euros (here is a report concerning the development of both currencies). There are different kinds of loans you can find. The platform provides buyback in an exclusive category, as well. Self-explanatory, the buyback grasps after 60 days. But there is also an option to get out of the loan (like Envestio). Of course, you will have to pay a fee in this case. I am not sure yet who is the owner of this platform, but I saw that there is one partner of it which has a famous branding Name: ACEMA! This is a loan originator which already financed loans via Mintos. As well, this platform is under supervision by the Czech National Bank. The interest rates are with 10 per cent moderate (edit: they just added 12% loans). After three months new investors must pay an annual extra fee of 1 per cent which will be directly deducted from the interests. Like mentioned, in the first three months this extra fee will not be charged. Also, you will receive a 1% Cashback on your average investment during the first three months which you will be paid monthly – if you use for your registration the promo code 4985! This code you have to place in the field “referral code” on the bottom of the registration form. Furthermore, there is no retention. Here you can reach the platform of Bondster.

Debitum Network – P2P and Crypto made in Lithuania

This is the third platform I for today – even though I still do not have the complete view how it works. You can pay in Euros and Pounds but also crypto currencies. The crypto part will only be available after an identity proof. But you can also work in a normal way with Euro or Pound. Right now, I only see loans from Debifo (also this one we know from Mintos,
Invoice Financeing). Like mentioned, I do not have the clue yet concerning this platform, but I try to work with it by investing a small amount. Via this link you can directly get to the Debitum Network.

This is it for today! Like always please write me if you have any questions. Like mentioned, as well, there will be more detailed experience reports in the following days and weeks.

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