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Lendix is now called “october”

On October 31st Lendix announced that they now are calling themselves october. First I thought it was a joke, but it is real ;). Their CEO explained the reasons in an email shortly after the announcement. In France legislation that allowed p2p was set up in October 2014. Lendix was founded in October. They want to differentiate themselves from their peers) and wanted to open their name and not limit it to “LEND”ix. Last but not least the CEO said that the name does not need to have a connection with the business and gave Apple as an example. Oh and October is understandable in many European languages. Actually I liked the name Lendix, but hey, I lend my money now on october.

Peerberry does no longer belong to Aventus Group

Maybe an older story but I wanted to mention it. Ausra, CEO of Peerberry, confirmed that the platform was sold to two European citiens. You can see it inthis video (at about 3m15s). This move is a little weird at first, but it does not mean to be negative at all. I really would like to know why this happened and what the reasons are. Maybe I will find out. At the moment my funds stay where they are.

Estateguru changed its appearence

Estateguru made themselves a fifth Birthday present and has now a new web and brand appearence. The new page is not free of errors and I am not easy navigating through it at the moment. I really hope this will be improved in the coming days. Nice is the new overview of the loans and more information is visualized. This does not change the fact that some loans are overdue or under administration. But this is just natural. If there is a problem with real estate loans, it takes time to solve.

Grupeer announces new loans for November

Grupeer is a victim of their own success. Really good growth numbers in volume and investors led to a situation where lots of loans where sold out. Good for the platform, not so good for us investors. The marketplace announced that they are working on new deals and we should see lots of them in November. Hopefully they come quick…

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