Short update: Bulkestate and Flender with additional cashback

For some weeks now we regularly see new projects on Bulkestate and they seem to get bigger. On Monday there will be one with 380k Euros. Nothing too special, but still a bit special ;). The yield starts at 17 percent for everyone, investors with more then 10k get 18% and the ones willing to invest more then 25k get 19%. There are some things I like to point out though. It is not a secured loan with a mortgage, you buy equity with this project, so you are a partial owner. This means if there are problems, investors get paid at last, but at least you own some bricks 😉 Of course I exagerate, but the high yield comes from somewhere. There is a new financial number which I did not know before: FLTV (future loan to value), it is 33% in this case. Looks relatively secure doesn’t it? Not really, I have my problems with this number. I checked the valuation report on the website and it says (if I can trust google translate, as my Latvian is not so good ;)) that the whole project is valued at 1.141 mio Euro after renovation. So 380k / 1.141m equals that 33% FLTV. My problem is, there is no loan, only equity holders. How can we talk about a loan to value ratio? Plus the value only holds if everything goes accoring the plan. I do not say this project is worse or better then others, but I think you should keep in mind these infos before investing. It is not the usual mortgage deal we are used to from Bulkestate and there will be more projects like this (actually it is the second equity investment). The project goes live on Monday, 16.00h. I expect it will be filled rather quickly. The interest rate is tempting and other comparable projects filled quickly. Check out the project and register as investor

Flender with special cashback for autoinvest usage

Yes, you read that correctly, you get extra cashback for using the autoinvest function until end of July. I expect this promotion will be extended a month or so. Autobids from 150 Euro get 5% cashback and bids from 300 Euro 10% cashback (unlimited amount). Additionally new investors which register through this link, get additional 5% cashback (unlimited). So at maximum you can get 15% cashback, on a bid of 300 Euro this is 45 Euro in cashback. Really exceptional. How can the platform afford that? CEO Kristjan Koik has his own approach in advertising. He believes (and I do as well) that it is better to use the word of mouth instead of paying lot of money to online advertising. With this approach you are sure that every Euro you pay, there was a benefit for the marketplace and its customers and investors. I am happy with my investment experience during more then one year. To date I did not have any delay or default. I read from another investor that there was a problem with one project which was in arrears. As it seems it is back up to the original payment plan. Ireland seems to be a very good place for p2p investors, the borrowers really are great payers as you also can see with linked finance and grid finance.Follow me to Flender