November flashback

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The year comes to an end shortly, but before I will publish my semianually Top Ten marketplaces I would like to take a look back on what has happened during November.

Peerberry – a new marketplace (only EUR so far)

I was a little surprised with the launch of a new platform in Latvia. I thought they would wait until new regulatory instructions become live, but I guess they know they situation better then I do. Some days ago I started with my investmenst and
set up an autoinvest profile.Peerberry works like a charm, one loan was repaid prematurely and my autoinvestor just reinvested the funds the same day. I saw that there was a leftover of 2 cent on my account, which is due to my AI settings as I limited it to EUR 10 per loan. I need to check if I can optimise this a little bit.

Mintos offers now loans denominated in GBP

I released a post on this currently, you can read my thoughts in full here.

Estateguru handles its first default withouth any damage to investors

I was really glad to see this loan (specifics under recent updates) put on auction to get the money back for the investors. It took only one week to get the funds plus interest. I do not know who bought the property, but I don’t really care. It has shown that Estateguru’s LTV are reasonable and suitable if needed to process. There are other loans in trouble and I really hope they can be handled the same way. We will see more in the coming weeks, but this is a promising start, at least to me. I have to applaud Estateguru as they informed every investor of the platform about the process, not only the involved ones. This was really transparent. More info on property investments here.

Swaper again with a new design

For the second time this year Swaper changed its appearance. The colors are

Swaper AI Portfolio

a matter of taste ;). The marketplace gained speed which I like. They merged the autoinvest profile and the portfolios (to be honest, I never understood the difference anyway). Now they are referred to as autoinvest portfolios, the settings were copied, at least from my AI’s. I have a useful Website for you if you want to check if Swaper has some loans to invest manually in. P2P Monitor shows you if there are loans and you see when they were put on the marketplace. This gives a hint when to check for loans 😉

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Some investors approached me about cryptocurrencies. I will write a three part series about cryptos (mainly Bitcoin) and bring it together with p2p.

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