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Peteris Kisis was announced last week as new Swaper CEO. He takes over the function of Iveta Bruvele (founder), who remains as CEO of wandoo finance group. As I pointed several times Swaper is the platform for funding wandoo finance’s activities. After Swaper had it’s successful launch back in November 2016 and is running it does make sense that Iveta detaches from the daily business and focuses on the strategic development of the wandoo finance group (and therefor swaper as well). She explained her decision in a short chat to me and is thankful that she gets support to free up some air to focus on the other projects. In my eyes this is a consequent decision. Her successor is a p2p pro as he gained his experience at Twino.

Swaper was no part of my top 10 as of 30.06.2017

I excluded Swaper from my semi annual top 10 back in June, although it was part of the top 10 six months earlier. The reason was that I was a little upset that loans from Spain and Denmakr were announced some months ago and neither showed up nor were actively postponed. One day after publishing my top 10 there were the first Spaniards on the platfrom. I really felt mighty due to my blog ;). Seriously, it was just a coincidence. This is just an example that patience pays out if you stick to something. Danish loans are still not on the platform, so at least we have something to look forward to. Maybe they will be added tomorrow after this post 😉 Althouhg the platform does not rank in the top 10 at the moment, I have to clarify that it is still a good platform with nice yields (14% for VIP’s, invest more then 5k and you are VIP). A little downer is that there is still to much demand over the available supply. My money is invested most of the times, but it sometimes happens that there is a litte cash balance over night. This is manageable as you might calculate it this way (14% x 0.9 = 12.6%) given 10 percent permanent liquidity (which is far off, 1% is much closer). If we compund the interest, we go over 13 percent easily (0.126^12). Register with Swaper here.

New “mobile” or app design

Ok, the design is not new at all, as it was released June 1st. Swaper always emphasises that their investors want mobile and app solutions, and this has been implemented with the new release. Everything is constructed for the mobile and app world. I do not really like that I have to swish on my desktop as I am viewing a mobile version 😉 But this is manageable as I don’t have to log in often to my account and do something.

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