Short updates and some cashback offers

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Grupeer offers 1 percent cashback on certain loans

At the moment Grupeer is offering 1% cashback on Kurtour GmbH’s loans, which yield 13 percent already per annum. You can see whether a loan is cashback eligible or not when they have this blue sign (check out the sample picture below) left of the invest button. Further there are some Solut and SME Investment loans which yield 14 percent. There are some nice offers out there. By the way, you get the casback instantly credited to your account after you invested in an eligible loan.

Flender offers 10% cashback

The offer from Flender (click on the link and register to participate from the offer) was extended until end of July. You get 10% cashback, if you invest more then 1k Euro or GBP. The offer is not capped. The investments just have to be made within 30 days after registration. This means if you register until 31st of July you will have until 29th of August to invest at least 1k to get the cashback (and of course you need to register via abovementionned link). At the moment there are only few loans on the marketplace, but there are more in private mode. You can get an invite to them by contacting the support after registration. You can spread your investments through as many loans as you like, as long as your total volume is at least one thousand, you will get 10% cashback. Flender accepts now payments via SEPA, no need for payments by card anymore (credit and debit cards are accepted though).

Lenndy offers upt to 15% on car loans with buyback

Since the platform moved it’s domicile from Lithunia to Latvia I have not written about it. I just wanted to get a clearer picture how things play out. Now it seems all is back to normal and how it used to be. What is new is that there are some loans yielding 15 percent and are equipped with buyback. The duration is somewhat longer for that interest rate, but tolerable with up to 36 months.

Follow me to Lenndy.

Viainvest works smoothly and extends its loan portfolio to Poland

For a short period of time it looked like that demand was exceeding supply at viainvest. Now it seems the situation is resolved. One reason is that there are now polish loans on the platform. I dehort from investments in these loans, as viainvest will withhold 5 percent for taxes. You don’t get anything refunded, even if you have sent them your certification of tax residence. There are other loans to invest in. The withheld amount should in theory be offsettable within your tax return. But this could be a long road and I do not know if it really works in reality. Follow me to viainvest.

Loan originator in trouble at Mintos

Some months ago the polish loan originator Eurocent was added to the Mintos platform. End of June Mintos descided to ban new loans from them, as the company had some liquidity issues. Since then the loans were further paid back and the outstanding loan amount reduces daily. It looks like it might play out well. I will go into detail once we know facts, everything else would be premature and would not help. This is a nice example that a buyback guarantee is just as good as the guarantor (I don’t want to say I told you many times… but I did).

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