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It’s been a while since I last wrote something about Estateguru, but now there are exciting news available. The amount of loans funded increased drastically in 2017, they want to focus on the german speaking part, there is a recent update tab now available and the referral/loyalty program will be continued. I will go into more specifics with these features later.

Statistics and a potential default

As you can see in below picture, estateguru was able to increase their funded loans to more then EUR 23.5 milions. From these funds, EUR 9.4 milions are already repaid to investors and achieved a return of 12.5%. To date there are no defaults (= loan which is late for more then 45 days), but it looks like there could be a default looming (look at this loan, and check the „recent updates“ tab). We will see how this plays out, but at one point it had to come to such a scenario. In my opinion this is quite a good thing for investors, as we now can see how Estateguru is dealing with problematic loans, and if it really defaults, we will have a better understanding of how good the valuations and securities really are. Oh I digressed 😉 Back to the figures : There are 141 projects (with 23.5 millions in funds) funded by 7’040 investors from 39 countries.

Recent updates were overdue

If you read my blog frequently you will know that Estateguru jared on my nerves quite often with their lack of communication on overdue loans. They now provided a remedy by introducing the „recent updates“ tab. When you log in, you can see in the right above corner (left from your name and investor number) the available updates. This is really nice, because I would like now the status of overdue installments.

Focus on german speaking area

The website now has a German version (light at the moment, loan descriptions still are in Englisch). A Swiss guy (not me) joined their team as representative for the DACH area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). I know, this might not be of interest for you non German speakers, but to me it shows their willingness to grow. As result we could have a platform backed by more investors, therefor able to fund more loans, getting profitable which equals a more secure platform for all of us. 😉

The refer a friend / referral scheme continues

As it seems, more then 7k investors are not enough for Estateguru 😉 and that’s one reason why the bonus program is continued. Remember: If you register through a estateguru link on this blog or manually type in my referral code (EGU36099) then you get 0.5% cashback on our investments during your first 3 months. If you see the code during registration, you are all set 😉 or type it in manually 😉

That’s it for today, I will report back, when I know more about the potential default.

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